What is Branding?

Have you ever gone to a supplier and grabbed a pen from the mug, received a T-shirt for an event ?

Well then you have held a promotional item.

Promotional Clothing, Gifting and Personal Protective Gear are part of our every day lives.

According to recent research these are the top 10 promotional items:

1. PPE (Safety vests, Face masks, sanitizers, etc.

2. USB Drives and chargers

3. Clothing (T-shirts, Jackets, etc.

4. Drinkware

5. Writing instruments

6. Bags

7. Calendars

8. Desk and Office Supplies

9. Umbrellas

1. Power Banks

So, what is a promotional product?

Promotional items such as pens, mugs, T-shirts, Caps, Bags, Coasters, Calendars, Diary's etc. are a

all promotional items. These items are usually given to prospective clients or given out to promote an event

Usually these items will have the company logo, telephone and website address printed on them, as this helps the person receiving the item to recall at a later stage who or what the company is about

How to choose the right product for your brand

Lets start by asking ourselves what is it we want to promote and for how long?

Will my client use this item daily, weekly, monthly or on occasion?

If for example you want your client to use the item daily then an idea would be s gift used in the kitchen

or event products such as T-shirts are often held onto and worn again and again by the competitor allowing your company more exposure on an on going basis


Still unsure?

Call us and we can assist you with making the best decision for your business 

Promotional Product Statistics Video